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  • Chelsea Robinson

Launch Event Webinar Recording

On June 4th 2024 we were honored to host more than 65 experts, partners, leaders and media to celebrate the launch of Assets in Common. We have also heard from 140 people that wished to view the recording.

We have supplied the recording of the event here (and on our YouTube Channel) in perpetuity as a summary of the contents of the book, core reasoning behind it and inspiration to dig deeper.

In particular, we want to thank Aaron Dawson from The Industrial Commons and Dawn McGee from Goodworks Evergreen for participating as guest speakers. Both of their initiatives are profiled in the book in detail. During the event Aaron said "We read the chapter on us, our founders said it’s probably one of the best captures of our organization that we’ve seen!" Together, Aaron and Dawn showcased how their operating models exemplify the key ideas in Assets in Common.

As we share this gift with world we also want to acknowledge the organisations who made this project possible: Common Trust, Purpose US, and One Project. Thank you.

As co-authors we were thrilled with the engagement during the event. There were more insightful questions than we could answer in the time we had! If you want to ask us questions at any time, please reach out via the contact form on this website.

There's a lot in this book! We realize there is enormous nuance in this research, from the diversity of case studies to the breadth of models and key success factors. If you want to share with us what stands out to you, your favorite parts, or offer a testimonial, please let us know here:


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