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Assets in Common

Stories of Business and Community Leaders Remaking the Economy from the Ground Up

Transform the Economy with Strategies in
"Assets in Common"

Unlock the power of interconnected, purpose-driven enterprises to build a resilient, equitable future.

"Assets in Common" is your guide to revolutionizing the U.S. economy through shared ownership and steward ownership.  Dive into real examples and their success factors, uncovering strategies that create efficiencies and boost competitiveness.

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Explore many models

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A new book from 'Infrastructure for Shared Ownership', coauthored by an expert research team & backed by industry leaders.

Trust & Purpose

Shared Balance Sheets

Monetary Policy

Seed Assets

Regionalism and Place

Shared Economic Destiny

14 Success Factors

We discovered factors which enabled many models to succeed. We believe that combining these in practice can foster economic revitalization and build shared surplus for communities, regions, or sectors suffering from the long-term damages of over-extraction, and growth at all costs.  

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